Giuliani as Cybersecurity Adviser

Trump Names Rudy Giuliani as Cybersecurity Adviser

The Trump transition team says Trump will appoint Guiliani as Cybersecurity Advisor to the president. His job will be to advise on solutions to cyber-incursions in the private. Giuliani does have some experience in this area as head of a cybersecurity consulting firm, Giuliani Partners. There is a reason, though, that Giuliani was not offered a cabinet position that required confirmation, despite his lobbying for the position of secretary of state.

As the Mayor of New York on 9/11, Giuliani gained a lot of respect, and a dotting media proclaimed him America’s Mayor. The fact is, he was in charge when it happened and therefore responsible for security in New York City. As Trump said of President Bush, “it happened on his watch.” After several failed presidential runs himself, Giuliani has become a sad, senile, racist, grumpy old man who embarrasses himself every time he opens his mouth.

His affinity to Trump is not surprising. Like Trump, he married 3 times, has a history of cheating. He is prone to make racist comments, and has extensive ties to the mob. Despite gaining fame for going after the Italian mafia, Giuliani has many ties to the mob in New York. Rudy Giuliani’s uncle Leo D’Avanzo ran a loan-sharking and gambling operation out of a Brooklyn bar, and used his father Harold as muscle to collect unpaid debts. Harold also got in a shoot-out with a mob competitor and did prison time for robbery. His cousin Lewis D’Avanzo ran a car-theft ring, and the FBI shot and killed him in 1977 when he tried to run down an agent trying to serve a warrant on him for transporting stolen luxury cars.

Bernard Kerik, Giuliani’s former chauffeur, muscle and best friend, was indicted on 16 counts of tax evasion, fraud, and tampering with witnesses. Giuliani appointed him police commissioner. A major supporter of Mayor Giuliani went to prison in 2000 for stealing $2 million from union members. Bob Asher, indicted for distribution of cocaine, was his campaign chair. He has a lots of mob friends, and he defends them all.

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