UK Exit Poll

Shocking UK Exit Poll Suggests Theresa May Could Lose Her Majority

UK Prime Minister Theresa May called a snap election in a bid to secure a majority in parliament to bolster her mandate in Brexit negotiations, and her Conservative Party was expected to win in a landslide. While opinion polls showed her lead was shrinking in recent weeks, she was still expected to keep a majority in parliament. A shocking UK exit poll suggests Theresa May could lose her majority. She can only afford to lose 6 seats and still maintain her majority, but the early predictions, after the exit poll, is now that she could lose double that. With only the N. Ireland Unionists parties, with a handful of seats, likely to be willing to join the Conservatives in forming a coalition government, it is starting to look possible that she will lose her job as Prime Minister. Nigel Firage’s former party, UKIP, still forecast to have a disastrous night.

It is impossible to tell from the early results announced so far if the exit polls were accurate.

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