• Iraq Will be Removed from the New Muslim Ban Executive Order

    - Mar 1, 2017
    The new Muslim ban executive order was due to be released week, but the White House delayed it after what they saw as a presidential speech to congress. This despite their prior claims that any delay would result in...
  • The Psychology of Terrorism

    - Jan 4, 2017
    It may seem counter intuitive, but the way to defeat terrorism is to accept it, while still fighting it. The psychology of terrorism is as important to combat as the terrorists themselves.  We must cut off the oxygen from...
  • Aleppo Under Russian Carpet Bombing

    - Oct 3, 2016
    The short-lived ceasefire in Syria is over, with Aleppo under Russian carpet bombing, the same type they used in Chechnya. Russian and Syrian government forces are making a push to take the opposition stronghold in the east of the city. The...